Bead and vapour cleaning services

Vapour Blasting, Glass Bead Blasting, Ultrasonic Cleaning Services, UK

Vapour blasting

We use state of the art Vapormate equipment which was designed for cleaning engine parts. It has a hot wash system and it runs using water, degreaser, and glass beads. All aluminium engine parts are chemically stripped prior to vapour blasting, this removes all traces of oil and grease, decreasing the risk of media being trapped in inaccessible places. This Vapour Blasting process works well and we can highly recommend it. This process does not damage or remove any of the original features such as fettling marks or casting marks which makes it ideal for vintage motorcycle restoration. The Vapour Blasting process will not damage machined surfaces and can be used to clean delicate items such as carburetors and gives an ‘as new’ just cast finish.

Glass bead blasting

Conventional air propelled glass bead is used when a softer approach, or a medium blasted finish, is required as opposed to grit blasting. This Glass Bead Blasting technique is used on delicate items such as handlebar switches, levers, alloy top yokes and carburetor bodies prior to powder coating. The Glass Bead Blasting technique is also used prior to polishing aluminium cases.

Ultrasonic cleaning services

Our Ultrasonic cleaning services is a high precision cleaning method, which is gentle, quick safe and highly effective. Ultrasonic cleaners have the ability to clean both the externals and internals of a wide range of component parts, and is particularly advantageous for cleaning inaccessible areas such as internal tubes, screw threads, hinges and serrated edges. Our Ultrasonic cleaning services and cleaning method has the capacity to reduce cleaning times from hours to literally minutes, and is an ideally suited cleaning method for intricate parts, and components which can’t stand aggressive or forceful spray washing.

Unbeatable cleaning results!